Control your cardiac state with FitLab

FitLab Technology allows you to control
parameters of your heart to know your
readiness level facing demanding challenges

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Individualized space

for your control and analysis

Discover the state and evolution of your cardiac
variables and how affect your performance
in an easy, intuitive and rigurous way.

What is FitLab Technology?

FitLab Technology is based on the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis at rest and offers performance potential and stress indexes to know how you are before and after practising sport or any physical or intellectual activity.

How does it work?

You only need to do a 3 minutes test at rest to know your state of readiness. The more assessments you do, the faster the system learns from you.

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What results can I obtain?

You will obtain performance potential and stress indexes based on your evaluations. You will have access to detailed, comparative and historical analysis of your assessments.

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Detailed analysis of your cardiac parameters

You can consult all your current, historical and comparative results in your personal area.

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Stress index


Performance potential


Specific parameters of your heart


Monitor your psychophysiological state


Comparisons between your assessments and those of professional athletes


Effort/recovery evaluation

  • Kilian Jornet

    Kilian Jornet
    World champion in the three modes of Skyrunning World Series: skyrunning, ultrarunning and vertical kilometer.

    "We cannot push our body to the limit without having a daily control of our state. It is important to control our recovery."

  • Emma Roca

    Emma Roca
    Raids world champion 2010, Raids and ski pairs Spain champion 2007.

    "Our body has limits and we need to know them. Daily monitoring of our heart condition may be vital."


The result of years of scientific research

FitLab Technology is the result of more than 10 years of scientific research resulting in the creation of Health&SportLab.

Tools adapted to your needs

Our products and services adapt to all kind of people and needs: amateur athletes, professional athletes, coaches, trainers, doctors, sports centers, etc.

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Do not hesitate to contact us to get information about all the possibilities that FitLab has to offer.
We have solutions adapted to all kind of situations and requirements!